Reissue Policy

Sometimes, copyleft licensed items shared elsewhere on the web are reissued here. We reissue items for several reasons.

1. Child Safety

When items are hosted on Kazoomzoom, you can be sure that the content is all child-friendly. We own the domain, so we are able to ensure exactly what kids see.

2. No Marketing to Kids

When items are hosted on Kazoomzoom, you can be sure there are no advertisements. We are committed to reducing the barrage of marketing aimed at children. Kazoomzoom pledges that this site will never market to children.

3. Ephemeral Nature of the Web

The web changes constantly, and items you enjoy often disappear. By hosting items on Kazoomzoom, we make sure you will find all these great items even if the original host changes or closes.

4. Continuity

Keeping all items together in one place on Kazoomzoom also allows for continuity in the catalog numbering and on the website. You can find everything systematically.

5. Extended Features

Most items and projects on Kazoomzoom are group efforts. Hosting all pieces of an item together allows us to offer you an item with extended features. Rather than visit every maker’s site, you can find it all here at Kazoomzoom under one roof.

6. Keeping It Together

Reissuing items on Kazoomzoom helps you find items from all corners of the world on one site without surfing to find kid-safe content.